The Event—Nigeria 2014

   The African Marathon is a recurring yearly event that is held at different African countries. It features 26.2 miles of memorial history, amazing African landscape, and beautiful scenery with a view of major city landmarks.  The mixed course of Abuja landscape makes for a challenging race, and it is ideal for those seeking qualifying times for several other major marathons. For athletes who are seeking a great winter running event with a challenging course, affordable accommodation, and a rich African culture the African Marathon is your ideal event.


Winning Prize Purse

Open Division: Final Position, Equal for Men & Women:

1    $75,000
2    $40,000
3    $28,000
4    $20,000
5    $10,000
6    $6,000
7*    $3,000
8*    $2,000
9*    $1,000
10*    $600

Nigeria Citizen Division* (Equal for men and women:

1    $5,000
2    $3,000
3    $1,500
4    $800
5    $500

Masters Division: (40 years of age or older; equal for men and women:

1    $1,000
2    $500
3    $200


The African Marathon will use the ChampionChip timing system to accurately time the race and quickly provide day-of-race results. No other timing system device may be worn. YOU MUST WEAR YOUR ASSIGNED RACE NUMBER DURING THE RACE TO RECEIVE YOUR FINISHING TIME AND FOR VISUAL PERSONAL I.D. WHILE ON THE COURSE. All participants will receive their gun time and chip time.



Online: Coming Soon

Mail-in : Coming soon
The African Marathon
285 Abiodun Way
Vitoria Island,
 Lagos, Nigeria

Must be postmarked no later than December 15, 2013
- In person by bringing in a completed application form with cash, check or money order, made payable to: African Marathon
Fees are non-refundable and race numbers are non-transferable












A number of restaurants have agreed to offer marathon-event participants special discounts.
NOTE: you must present your BIB in order to receive the offer.

Pre-Race Restaurants


Water and replacement supplements will be available at every mile along the course starting at mile two.
The African Marathon Official Medical Team will be at the main medical tent positioned at the finish line. Medical stations will also be positioned along the race course if you should need assistance during the race.
Authorized cyclists will be on the course monitoring participants who may require medical attention. Should attention be required, the cyclists will notify the medical team.


The Marathon is a competitive road racing event. Runners and walkers are encouraged to participate. There will be 6.5-hour time limit on the course for the marathon. After the 12:30 pm cut-off period, if you are on the course, you will be asked to move to the pavement should you desire to complete the event. This rule will be strictly enforced.
Every participant must be in adequate health and sufficiently trained to partake in this race. Consult your physician before beginning any endurance-training regimen.



Need a place to put your dry clothes or car keys? Simply drop your items in the race bag you will receive at Gear Check (or your personal bag) and drop your bag at the complimentary Gear Check area near the start line.  We recommend that you DO NOT check your wallets or any other valuables into a Gear Check bag.

*Make sure to fill out and attach your Gear Check stub located on your race bib.
Gear Check will close at 1:30 pm. All unclaimed gear will be donated to a local charity.


Once you cross the finish line you will receive cold bottled water and your finisher’s medal. You may go through the Runner’s Food Line for a variety of food selections, and also pick up your personal belongings from Baggage Drop-Off.
The Medical Tent is conveniently located at the end of the finish line.



All finishers will receive a unique commemorative medal and their winning purse in the form of bank check drawn on an EU bank. Authentic and commemorative awards will be available to the winners in the following categories:
• Overall (male/female)
• Overall Master (male/female)
• Overall Citizen (male/female)

Awards Ceremony: 11:00 am (overall)
If you are an Award Winner, The African Marathon encourages you to stay for the awards ceremonies.
Race Certificate and Photos
Your personalized Marathon certificate and photos will be available approximately one week after the event.