The priority and mission of our organizers is to provide maximum personal safety and an accident-free event. We focus continuously on the safety of each athlete from the moment he/she sets foot in Abuja. There will be police escort and security detail to transport all athletes from the airport to their hotels and also to and from the staging area. Two helicopters will provide surveillance along the marathon route, while over 2000 police officers and army personnel will line the marathon route. The marathon route will be cordoned off to traffic and pedestrians, while the Federal Security Agency will secure the route and perform security sweeps.


   We are proud to serve as the Official Travel Agency for the African Marathon. With over a decade of experience in the African travel industry, and now in the official capacity as travel agents for the African Marathon, we work to ensure the best travel arrangements for athletes and spectators. Athletes and spectators that make their booking through us may stay at official marathon hotels at exclusive discounted rates.

   The city of Abuja offers an array of great hotels. However, each official marathon hotel has been specially reviewed and chosen by marathon and sport experts who are familiar with Abuja Capital Territory and the marathon route. All hotels are within proximity of the start-finish line.

Free Shuttle

   All International runners will be picked up from NnamdiAzikiwe International Airport Abuja and taken to their hotels. Transportation from hotels to and from the start-finish line is for registered runners only. Runners will be picked up from their hotels, taken to the staging area before the race, and will be transported back to their hotels. Registered runners will also be picked up from their hotels and transported to the airport for their departure from Abuja.